Going To Disney World

 With no Venezuela : Down The Rabbit Hole segment today, let’s dive right into the extended news feed coverage…Stripes tells us that it’s very common for military figures like Venezuela Admiral Carlos Aniasi Turchio to give speeches in support of “The Revolution” and rail against “The Empire” (US). Well, it seems that as soon as their revolutionary days are over a lot of these guys are “Going To Disney World!”

 According to Armando.Info, the guys that exposed Nicolas Maduro’s fraudulent CLAP government food program and his connections to Alex Saab (before they had to flee Venezuela), there are at least 232 members of the Venezuela military or members of the Defense Ministry who have opened companies in Florida. There are also 734 officials from both the Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro regimes whose names appear in the Florida Division of Corporations registry. It seems that the anti-American sentiment among members of “The Bolivarian Revolution” is much more superficial than the Chavistas would have us believe.

 One example, Guzman Pinto, said “If I were anti-American I would not be here… I had no plans of leaving the country but suddenly found myself in a situation (he was about to be arrested) where I had to leave immediately, and I did so without hesitation.”

 While many of these Venezuelan ex-pats have legitimate business interests in Florida there are also a number of them with accusations of corruption and allegations tied to narco-trafficking under investigation by US authorities. “Viva La Revolucion!”

 Then we have La Prensa Latina telling us that in a sign that many Venezuelan migrants are reconsidering their options since the Biden administration changed it’s border policy (It didn’t really change. They just started enforcing the Trump era policy already in place, that they ignored previously. Oh, and since a judge just struck down one enforcement policy all this may change soon.) more than 4,000 migrants have voluntarily returned to Venezuela from Panama according to authorities. More than $1 million has been spent by individuals paying for their own flights and there are many donors and organizations assisting migrants wishing to return to Venezuela. As we’ve previously mentioned, conspicuously absent among those helping the migrants return is the Maduro regime.

 Then we have Caracas Chronicles reporting that the Unitary Platform (Venezuela opposition coalition of political parties) finally has it’s National Primary Commission, in charge of planning and holding the presidential primary in 2023.

 The commission will face enormous challenges such as state forces unified against it, imposed candidates, OPPINO (opposition in name only) candidates, and consideration of voters abroad (7.1 million Venezuelan migrants who, most likely wouldn’t support Maduro with his 5% approval rating). Oh, and the Maduro regime has multiplied it’s propaganda budget (if there is such a thing as a budget in Venezuela).

 And we have the news that Venezuela and Colombia military officers met at the border to discuss strategies for border security between the two countries. Pictures were tweeted but no details released…

 Caracas Chronicles also tells us that so far, in November, the number of bolivares required to purchase a dollar has increased 15%. While it’s not a good sign for the bolivar, Venezuelans have seen a lot worse devaluation under Chavismo (14 zeros have been lopped off the currency under Chavez and Maduro).

 Along those same lines, the basic food basket, enough to feed a family of four for a month, is up 44% this year. Again, after over four years of hyperinflation, the second longest period of hyperinflation on record, Venezuelans have seen a lot worse.

 Also on the economic front we have economist, Daniel Lahoud, telling us that after years of hyperinflation and recession the Maduro regime has made no significant structural changes or adjustments so he’s not confident the recent growth (6%) will last. Most economists credit Venezuela’s de facto dollarization for the growth and relief from hyperinflation, not policy measures by the Maduro regime.

 Then we have the news that a region of Venezuela that has gone 13 years without paying for electricity will have to make a one-time payment for electric service, according to Electric Minister, Nestor Reverol. The region commonly endures blackouts up to 12 hours.

 Then we have US State Department spokesman, Ned Price, telling us that Biden’s “Climate Czar”, John Kerry, was “ambushed” by Nicolas Maduro at the COP27 Climate Summit and compared it to other interactions by Maduro at the summit. If we believe him, and I’m not saying we do, then perhaps meetings like the ones with Kerry and French President Macron are just photo ops for propaganda purposes and nothing more.

 And we have a somewhat curious report by Nasdaq. A study by ENCOVI seems at odds with just about every bit of data by just about everyone including the UN, NGOs, etc. ENCOVI says poverty in Venezuela has declined to 50.5 %. Every report we’ve seen over the last couple of years puts the poverty rate at 95% with 76% in extreme poverty. I’m not sayin’….just sayin’…

 Then we have VOA reporting that at least 94 radio stations have been shut down this year so far. Journalists and opposition leaders see this as a way of silencing information ahead of the 2024 presidential election. I see it as a continuation of standard Chavista policy…with more to come.

 And we have Courthouse News telling us that many Venezuelan migrants camped in Juarez, Mexico, across from El Paso, Texas, seem willing to stay, wait, and hope things may change regarding Biden’s migration policy. Mexico’s National Migration Institute says about 1,300 Venezuelans have returned to their home country via flights on Conviasa (Venezuela government-owned airline). The article said the flights were free but all other articles and sources we’ve seen say it’s about $200 per ticket. Of all those interviewed for the piece only one said they were willing to return to Venezuela and most said they lacked the funds to pay a ‘coyote’ (up to $8,000) to smuggle them across. It’s a difficult purgatory, especially with freezing winter temperatures coming, but they may soon be rewarded with the Federal Judge striking down Title 42, allowing the deportation of migrants due to Covid-19 concerns.

 And we have Caracas Chronicles with a disturbing piece of news. Venezuela Armed Forces have found two mass graves in three days at illegal mines in Bolivar state. These areas are supposedly protected by the government as part of Maduro’s “Mining Arc”.

 Then we have IACHR (Inter-American Court of Human Rights), an autonomous organ of OAS (Organization of American States) asking the Venezuela government to investigate torture and cruel treatment allegedly endured by Human Rights activist, Javier Tarazona, imprisoned for over a year and a half in SEBIN’s (part of Madoro’s “Three-headed Monster” of security services) notorious “El Helicoide”.

 That will do it for this week. We’ll be shutting down next week in celebration of Thanksgiving so we’ll be back with you the Monday following our favorite holiday. Until then “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” everyone!!!

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