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 Well, it seems we have more coming out about the UN-FFM (United Nations Fact Finding Mission) for Venezuela report that came out last week. Quick refresher, this was the third report on their findings of the situation in Venezuela regarding Human Rights violations, the first came out a couple of years ago….and this one wasn’t really all that different. In short, the Maduro regime is systematically violating Venezuelans Human Rights from arbitrary detentions, torture, extrajudicial killing, and just about every way possible. Their claims of reform are mere propaganda. The other articles went into great detail but it seems we have a few items left to cover.

 First up we have VOA News reporting that the UN-FFM says they have sent 23 letters to Venezuelan authorities (they aren’t actually allowed in Venezuela) asking to meet with them, receive information, and to respond to allegations. They have received no response.

 Then we have Caracas Chronicles reporting on something that wasn’t addressed in previous articles on the FFM report of the Maduro regime’s Human Rights abuses. That is that Cuban agents participated in and instructed counterintelligence activities.

 This structure has been in place since the days when Hugo Chavez was in power. He placed Cuban agents throughout his security services and the military who do not report to superiors in the chain of command but directly to the executive branch (Chavez at the time and now Maduro). They can inform on anyone, anywhere, anytime.

 This is important as it confirms the link directly between the Human Rights violations and Nicolas Maduro. Oh, and just so you know, when the report was released NGO- Provea announced they were going to hold a press conference with families of workers who were arrested (as we’ve told you, there have been a lot of worker protests recently) to talk about their cases. SEBIN (part of Maduro’s three-headed monster of security services, mentioned frequently in the FFM report) officers showed up to harass and intimidate them.

 And we have the UN-OHCHR (United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights), who has used the information from the previous FFM reports to call out Maduro and the Chavistas for their Human Rights violations and demand reform, said in a statement the Venezuela Minister of People’s Power for the Social Process of Labor (the Chavistas are out of control with these titles) who is the head of the delegation in Geneva, has confirmed that 29,000 Venezuelan migrants have utilized the regime’s “Return To The Homeland Plan”

 Nicolas Maduro said that half of the Venezuelans that migrated (fled the horrors of 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism) are returning to Venezuela (supposedly evidence of his regime’s reforms). Uhh… isn’t half of the 6.81 million Venezuelan migrants more like about 4 million…not 29,000?

 The Venezuela delegation consisted of over 10 Ministers and representatives of 6 other regime entities. Nobody does bloated bureaucracy better than the Chavistas. Instead of paying for the legion of Ministers, representatives, and staffers to fly to Geneva and stay in hotels, wining and dining at government expense, maybe the Chavistas could feed their starving people.

 And in another piece, Caracas Chronicles asks : How is the latest report from the UN-FFM different from the two previous reports and how can it be used?

 First, let’s look at what’s new in this report. For one thing, it names names…Nicolas Maduro, Diosdado Cabello (2nd most powerful man in Venezuela, some say the most powerful), Delcy Rodriguez (Maduro’s Vice-President), and Tareck El Aissami (has been Minister of various Chavista entities) and also listed 7 names of intelligence chiefs within SEBIN and DGCIM (two parts of Maduro’s three-headed monster of state security services) and detailed how they are implicated, what the chains of command are, how they operate, and who gives the orders. (Hint…it’s not the low-level scapegoats the regime offers up as responsible for the atrocities) “The violent acts…weren’t perpetrated by individuals at random.” It also reveals all the official propaganda about the improvement of justice and that there is no independent and impartial judiciary.

 The vast quantity of information, including a key interview with former Director of SEBIN, Manuel Carlos Figuera, can be used by the UN-OHCHR and the ICC (International Criminal Court), whose investigation into Human Rights violations and possible crimes against humanity is currently on hold as the Maduro regime’s request to return all the cases being investigated by the ICC to be evaluated and prosecuted according to internal justice. (The report shows there is no internal justice in Venezuela). With all the evidence pertaining to the lack of independent and impartial judiciary the ICC Chamber reviewing the issue will surely (we hope) take this into account in it’s evaluation and deny Maduro’s request.

 Moving on…we have the Daily Caller interviewing a Venezuelan migrant who says “Mass migration will bring chaos to the US.”….Ya’ think?

 Also on the migration front we have Mass Live reporting that Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, says the US has a ‘giant problem’ with immigration and calls for reform. He maintains he’s been calling for reform for 8 years. I guess nobody paid attention until his state had the “Martha’s Vineyard” situation.

 And Mass Live also tells us that a Boston legal group filed a class action lawsuit against Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, that alleges a “fraudulent and illegal scheme” to transport 50 Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Massachusetts in violation of Constitutional rights and federal law. The report went into great detail on a whole lotta’ speculation by a whole lotta’ people but didn’t say exactly what Constitutional rights of the illegal immigrants from Venezuela were violated.

 Then we have the Washington Times telling us that US President, Joe Biden, responding to reporters on why the border has become ” more overwhelmed on your watch” offered the explanation that “There are fewer immigrants coming from Central America and Mexico…What’s on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.” Uhh…I think grandpa need to check his stats. On his watch it’s not that the number of illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico went down, it’s that the numbers from everywhere, including Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua are up, and in Venezuela’s case way up!

 Then we have CGTN telling us that Venezuela’s Labor Minister said that US sanctions are driving more Venezuelans to migrate. “Venezuela’s migratory flow is atypical, extraordinary, and induced…the result of a US policy of aggression, based on the criminal imposition of illegal unilateral coercive measures, that seek to destroy the peace, social stability, and economy of our country with the aim of overthrowing the constitutional government.” Uhh…it couldn’t be that the Chavistas destroyed the peace, social stability, and economy through 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism and that the Human Rights violations committed by the Maduro regime make life in Venezuela…well…unlivable, could it?

 More tomorrow….

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