All Migrants All The Time

 As you might have guessed, we’re starting out today with some more migrant stories… yes, it’s all migrants all the time these days. First we have AP reporting that Venezuela has become the 2nd largest nationality encountered at the US southern border behind only Mexico. US authorities stopped 25,349 Venezuelans in August, up 43% from July and up 400% from August,2021. The Northern Triangle Countries of Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras have dominated the mix with Mexico for decades but have now been supplanted by Venezuela.

 It shouldn’t surprise anyone as almost 7 million Venezuelans have already fled 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism and the exodus continues. They have already overwhelmed the institutions and services in various South American countries so those countries are placing restrictions on Venezuelan migrants…they gotta’ go somewhere.

 It’s worth noting that these South Americans openly criticized the US immigration policy and openly welcomed the Venezuelan migrants…at least for the first couple of million “escapees from the Maduro regime”. Then they began enacting policies similar to that of the US as their capacity to receive and support the migrant influx was completely overwhelmed…kinda’ like they’re overwhelming facilities at the US southern border. Remember, the international community, other than their sensational “Martha’s Vineyard- style” headlines isn’t all that interested in the plight of the Venezuelan migrants…at least not like they’re interested in migrants from other countries. Migrants from Ukraine receive 5 times more funding than Venezuelans and Syrian migrants receive 10 times the international aid. As we’ve said before, people are more interested in those fleeing conflict zones than those who are being starved to death (although Maduro’s security services do commit 1,400 extrajudicial killings per year and Human Rights violations are commonplace).

Then we have Just The News reporting that Republican Representative, Trey Nehls says the Department of Homeland Security confirms that Venezuela empties it’s prisons (which are severely overcrowded) and sends violent criminals to the US southern border. Kinda’ sounds like all the allegations surrounding the “Marielitas”  leaving Cuba and the regime of Fidel Castro for Miami in the ’90s.

 And we have The Star reporting that Bexar County Sheriff, Javier Salazar, says his office is investigating Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis’ operation that flew 50 Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard saying they were ‘lured under false pretenses”. Democrats and the media are calling it “political theater” on the part of DeSantis but the Sheriff didn’t say what laws, if any, may have been broken. (Quick, grab your 15 minutes of fame)

 Then we have KCRA News reporting that Catholic Charities in Sacramento, California says they’ve received a group of Venezuelan migrants who arrived from Texas. They presented paperwork from the Department of Homeland Security with the address of the administration office for Catholic Charities but, at this point, nobody seems to know who sent them.

 Moving on…Caracas Chronicles reports that Colombian authorities captured 10 members of Venezuela criminal gang, Tren de Aragua, operated from prison in Venezuela and expanding it’s reach to other Latin American countries. They are currently fighting for control of small-scale drug trafficking operations in Bogota.

 Caracas Chronicles also wants to remind us that Franks Cabana has been in prison for 5 years, convicted without evidence. He was accused of terrorism based on a fact that he made a phone call to his friend, Oscar Perez, a cop brutally murdered by the state in 2018.

 Then we have Lupa por la Vida reporting that they registered 67 extrajudicial killings in Miranda and the Capitol District in the first half of 2022…Just keeping up the countrywide average of 1,400 extrajudicial killings per year by the Maduro regime.

 And we have the Venezuela Agricultural Minister saying Venezuela is offering 5 million hectares (about 7 1/2 million acres) of land for development by Iran and other countries. Maybe this is some of the millions of hectares of land they expropriated from farmers and then tried to get people from the slums of Caracas to farm, of which only 35,000 acres ever produced anything. It’s no surprise as it takes generations of experience and knowledge, or a lot of studying at the college level with field work as well, to make a go of it farming. This is just more proof that the Chavistas are incapable of producing anything on their own…except the misery, starvation, and extrajudicial killings they produce for the people of Venezuela.

 At the first UNHR Council (United Nations Human Rights Council) session, Nicolas Maduro’s representative ruled out an investigation into Human Rights violations committed by Myanmar saying it was imposed and politically motivated.(Just like the ICC, International Criminal Court’s, investigation into the Maduro regime’s Human Rights violations and possible crimes against humanity?)

 And we have Canada along with 17 other countries and the EU (European Union) reiterating their commitment to the return to negotiations between the opposition and the Maduro regime in Mexico for a peaceful and negotiated solution for Venezuela. (People have been looking for a negotiated solution to the Venezuela situation almost since the day Maduro took power in 2013 and the destruction of Venezuela under the Chavistas got into high gear)

 Then we have SANA telling us that the Syrian Foreign Minister received the Venezuela Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (we could do without the “Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary” but Maduro loves that stuff) to express support for each other’s country and their sovereignty (of course…dictators are big on sovereignty) as well as their respective battles against the hegemony of others. What was left unsaid was that both countries are ruled by brutal dictators who kill their own citizens daily  and are collectively responsible for the forced migration of almost 14 million people.

 And we have Merco Press reporting that Conatel (Venezuela National Telecommunications Commission) has shut down 5 radio stations in the city of Cumana’. On September 9th it shut down 9 stations in Maracaibo and San Francisco (Venezuela…not California, although these days they’re looking remarkably similar) in Zulia state. This is nothing new for the Chavistas as they shut down any radio station, TV network, newspaper, or website critical of Chavismo.

 Then we have Anadolu News telling us that Nicolas Maduro announced that Venezuela aims to increase trade with Turkey (whose “President”, Erdogan, is really a dictator…just like Nico). Maduro visited Turkey in June on his world tour and signed 8 “historic, strategic agreements which, as we’ve said before, are meaningless. It’s worth remembering that when Maduro’s CLAP food program was exposed as being totally fraudulent by Armando,info , it’s operations in Mexico, supplying most of the contents for the CLAP boxes, consisting of low-quality and/or expired food items, were shut down and were subsequently sourced from Turkey, who supplies the same inferior quality and/or expired items.

And we have DTT informing us that Serbia is in talks with Venezuelan authorities to purchase oil as they will be affected on January 1st, 2023 when the EU ban on Russian oil enters into force. Do these guys even know who they’re talking to?

 Then we have Merco Press also telling us that in a country where freedom of expression is constantly at risk the Venezuela National College of Journalists (CNP) warns against journalism workshops without academic endorsement. (Uhh, is that like a scam?)

 More tomorrow….



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