Where Are They?

 We’ve talked at length about the environmental damage caused by Chavismo and Maduro’s “Mining Arc”, poisoning the rivers with mercury, creating a deforestation crisis, etc. We’ve been a bit neglectful in not paying enough attention to the oil business.

 Nasdaq reports an oil spill from an idled platform, owned by a joint venture between PDVSA (Venezuela government-owned oil company) and Parenco (Anglo-French oil company), located in the Perdernales Field, which is in the Orinoco delta,is now threatening Venezuela’s Orinoco National Park. The area is largely uninhabited tropical lowlands, known for it’s rain forests, mangroves, rich bird life, and wildlife. PDVSA and the Information Ministry didn’t respond to requests for comment.

 This is an all too common occurrence in Venezuela. There are idled platforms and decaying infrastructure everywhere including poorly maintained pipelines. These oil leaks and oil spills go largely unreported until they become large enough they can’t be ignored. The environmentalists in the US and elsewhere seem to get very upset when there is any kind of minor oil leak by a US oil company, pretty much anywhere in the world and yet they, more or less, give the Chavistas a pass. Where are they? Why do they not get outraged about this, especially as it happens all the time in Venezuela? Why do they not want US oil companies, who have an excellent record for producing relatively “clean oil” (if there is such a thing), to produce more US oil but approve of the Biden administration buying oil from Venezuela or Venezuela shipping oil to Europe? It is beyond irrational.

 Moving on…We have Caracas Chronicles telling us that the court hearing in the case of the Fundaredes Human Rights activists has been delayed (again). Two are under house arrest and the director is still in jail (what has it been… 6 months now?).

 Then we have the Venezuela regime submitting it’s candidacy for the UNHR (United Nations Human Rights) Council for 2023-2025. Besides the fact that they’re a serial Human rights violator (uhh…like China) how can they do this if they can’t vote because their voting rights were suspended for non-payment of dues? Or, did they pay up and I missed a memo?

 And we have INAC (Venezuela Airline Agency) announcing that Iberia Airlines (Spain) will resume service between Madrid and Caracas in October and authorized service for 3 more airlines.

 Then we have the Venezuela Communist Party saying aggression against them by PSUV (Chavista political party), even in the National Assembly), has increased. (The Chavistas accuse the Communist Party of trying to divide Chavismo)

 And ANI reports Afghan refugees and migrants now rank third in the world, behind Venezuela (#2) and Syria (#1 but Venezuela’s gaining ground).

 Then we have Caracas Chronicles telling us that Maduro is calling for military and police to remain alert for “last minute terrorist threats” coming from Bogota, referring to Colombia President, Ivan Duque’s, last days in office before leftist (Marxist), Gustavo Petro, is sworn in. He said there are conspiracy plans with terrorists and traitors born in Venezuela (no details, as usual)…Ho…Hum…Just more of the same from Nicolas Maduro. “Beware of the boogeyman!” and for God’s sake, don’t pay any attention to what we’re doing.

 And we have Maduro’s National Assembly announcing they have ratified the new Ombudsman. Head of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, emphasized that “he must look out for rights, due process, and that every citizen gets opportune justice”. (something no Chavista Ombudsman has done since the Chavistas took power… even though that’s the job of the Ombudsman)

 And we have Maduro’s National Assembly also announcing they approved agreements on celebrations for the 239th anniversary of Simon Bolivar’s birth, the Maracaibo Lake Battle, and the Day of the Armed Forces. Good to know, with all the problems facing Venezuela, they have their priorities.

 Then we have the former Secretary General of MUD (the opposition before the current Unitary Platform) saying the opposition has three main challenges : holding the primaries (for the 2024 presidential election), defining a communal, credible strategy, and to define what “change” means. He stressed that consensus is important but warned there’s too much political fragmentation and little authority to reach a consensus.

 And speaking of primaries, we have CNE (electoral council) saying that CNE doesn’t get involved in primaries…hmm…

 Then we have MAS (Socialist Movement) Secretary General saying the Unitary candidate should be elected in two rounds of primaries…

 And then we have the Venezuela Observatory of Social Conflict reporting they registered 3,892 protests in the first half of 2022, up 15% from 2021.

 Then we have Cedice Libertad reporting that 85% of users of CANTV – ABA internet service (CANTV is a government-owned cable TV, phone, and internet provider) experience between 2-8 internet outages per day and some CANTV teams charge up to $300 for re-connection of internet service and landlines.

 And then it’s reported that PNB (National Police) subpoenaed journalist, Ernestina Garcia, to reveal her source for a piece she did on a traffic accident where a five year old boy died. According to Noticia Al Dia, a CICPC (scientific police, whatever that means) officer on a motorbike was involved.

 Then we have Special Attorney, Enrique Sanchez Falcon, Attorney General of the Guaido caretakership (is that a word?), also referred to as the interim government, accusing Primero Justicia (opposition political party) of obstructing his work by refusing to cooperate. He also confessed he’s not optimistic on the fate of Monomeros (Venezuela company in Colombia), currently controlled by Juan Guaido and the interim government as incoming Colombia President, Gustavo Petro, recognizes Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. Could it be any more confusing?

 And we have journalist and opposition activist, Roland Carreno, having his court hearing postponed (again) when  the PNB officers didn’t show up. Carreno was arrested in October, 2020 for “conspiratorial plans against the democratic peace”. This is not the first time we’ve had a “no show” delay on the part of the government. In the real world the defendant would be released. Can you say habeas corpus?

 Oh, and the Armed Forces deactivated 30 more explosives in Apure, near the Colombia border…if anybody’s counting.

More tomorrow….

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