Terror At 82 Ft.?

 First up today we have a series of articles put out there over a period of a few days. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, 82 ft. is the altitude of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It began with an article by Reuters…Iranian state media says Argentinian authorities impounded a Boeing 747 originally owned by Iran’s Mahan Air (currently under US sanction) and sold to a Venezuelan airline a year ago. No further details or explanation available at this time.

 Then we have Iran Wire telling us that a lot of questions surround the Venezuela-owned Boeing 747 detained at Cordoba airport near Buenos Aires. The plane was traveling with it’s transponder off and several Iranian crew members have ties to Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the expeditionary Quds Force, known for conducting terror attacks…hmmm.

 Then we have The Times Of Israel saying that the more we learn about this the more suspicious this story becomes. The Venezuela-owned Boeing 747, currently held in an airport in Argentina was reportedly carrying more crew members than originally claimed and the crew member’s hotel was raided by Argentine authorities. No arrest warrants have been issued but the 5 Iranians with alleged ties to Iran’s Quds Force (the terrorist wing of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards) have had their passports seized and are prevented fro leaving the country until the investigation is concluded.

 Then we have Merco Press telling us that Uruguayan lawmakers will summon the Uruguay Defense Minister to testify regarding why the Venezuelan/Iranian Boeing 747 was banned from Uruguayan airspace. FYI – The former Mahan Air (Iranian airline) aircraft, now owned by Venezuela, was red-flagged by US intelligence as likely to be involved in military and terrorist operations under the guise of cargo transport.

 Then we have The New Arab telling us that the Argentina Security Minister says “No member of Quds Force was among the crew of 19 on the Venezuelan plane.”  It seems one crew member has the same name as a suspected Quds Force terrorist. The crew remains barred from exiting Argentina as the investigation into the flight’s purpose and origins continues.

 Then we have Merco Press telling us that an Airbus 340-600, en route to Buenos Aires was diverted to Bolivia based on a last minute decision by Nicolas Maduro. He reportedly was concerned that the Airbus, a former Mahan Air unit (owned by Venezuela’s Conviasa), might be detained in Argentina like the Boeing 747, also a former Mahan Air unit owned by a Conviasa subsidiary, that is currently being held as the investigation proceeds.

 So let’s recap…we have a plane denied to land in Uruguay that then travels to Argentina with it’s transponder turned off. It’s supposedly a Venezuela cargo flight but is carrying more crew members than originally reported (and way more than a cargo flight normally carries) and among them 5 Iranians, one of whom has the same name as an Iranian Quds Force member. The crew has been prevented from leaving Argentina until the investigation is concluded and their hotel has been raided by Argentine authorities although, at this point, no arrest warrants have been issued and no details are available regarding the flight’s purpose or precisely where it originated…Is it terror-related? or something else? Since we here at TFT never miss an opportunity to quote the immortal Vince Lombardi, “What the hell’s going on out there?” And as to all the suspicion… another of our favorite quotes, this one from ‘Lethal Weapon’, “That’s thin”…”Yeah, very thin, …probably nothing.”

 Moving on…CGTN tells us that APEP, Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity, is not a regional trade agreement nor an investment agreement, neither does it contain anything concretely actionable. The article discussed many items it described as “traditional Democratic rhetoric”. As far as I can tell this is the Joe Biden version of Nicolas Maduro’s “strategic agreements” and “economic cooperation goals”…in short, a whole lot of political, conceptual nonsense.

 Then we have Zeihan telling us that the allowance of Eni (Italy) and Repsol (Spain) to ship oil from Venezuela to Europe won’t help Europe nor the world oil markets (remember, were talking about a relatively small quantity of oil) but it does help Nicolas Maduro’s image at home.

 Then we have Reuters reporting that Venezuela confirms it’s first case of monkey pox. In most of the world this is really nothing but in the land of Chavismo we’ve seen the proliferation of all kinds of previously eradicated diseases. We’ll keep you posted.

 And we have this from BELTA…The Belarusian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs says delegates from Belarus and Venezuela held ministerial- level consultations on bilateral and international issues in Caracas. They’re looking for progress on implementing an agreement from 2021. Sounds like another of those famous agreements Nicolas Maduro is so fond of announcing that mean absolutely nothing.

 Then we have NBC News with a piece similar to last week’s story on the rebound of the Las Mercedes upscale neighborhood in Caracas. It seems concerts, a music festival, and a fashion week have all returned to Caracas but, as with Las Mercedes, these signs of revival are only for those with cash, in other words, the top 10% (or 5%).

 And we have another statement from the office of US Senator, Fla., Marco Rubio. The senator sent a letter to the US Attorney General and the Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security asking them to request that Interpol issue a red notice for the provisional arrest and extradition of narco- dictator Nicolas Maduro.  It won’t go anywhere but we like seeing it.

 Then we have AP reporting that Nicolas Maduro visited Kuwait and spoke with the crowned prince. Maduro said it was part of a necessary tour to reactivate ties of work, cooperation, commonality, solidarity, and brotherhood. Far from a high-level meeting between heads of state, the two spoke briefly for a few minutes at the Kuwait International Airport. Kuwait’s state-run KUNA news agency released no details of their discussion but Maduro said he wanted to expand on ties from both nations  being original members of OPEC. I gotta’ believe that were it not for the fact that Venezuela was a founding member of OPEC the crowned prince wouldn’t have wasted his time with this clown (not the fun,happy kinda’ clown…more like “Pennywise” from Stephen King’s “It”).

 Oh, FYI, Mail Online reported that Nicolas Maduro moved on in his international tour from Kuwait to Qatar. Maybe his reception there will be more than a quick handshake at the airport?

 That will do it for this week. We’ll be back Monday with more fun and games from the land of 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism. Until then…

 Have a great weekend everybody!!!


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