A Little More Kool-Aid?

 I normally get my fill of articles from Kool-Aid drinkers, you know, those who get their information from Chavista propoganda, by reading Telesur (government media) but now, two days in a row, we have more Kool-Aid from other sources. Today’s entry, from Valdai, is titled “The Anti-Blockade Law Has Been The Key To Venezuela’s Path To Recovery”. Ahhh…where to begin? This article is chock-full of Chavista propaganda.

 The Anti-Blockade Law (there is no blockade,by the way) is another good example of the saying by Winston Churchill that was perverted by Rahm Emanuel and the Democratic Party in the US, “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”. The idea is that in a crisis situation people will be allowed to do things that wouldn’t be permitted under normal circumstances.

 The article listed various “positives” of the law, each of which I could refute, debunk, or whatever you want to call it, easily, and item by item I’ve already done so here at TFT. The most important part, in an article about the Anti-Blockade Law” is what wasn’t said. There was no mention of the fact that the law gives Nicolas Maduro the power to approve or nullify agreements and contracts without any oversight or accountability.

 In Maduro’s “rule by decree”, which makes him a dictator, he has utilized “emergency powers” (even though for years he denied there was an emergency) that he has granted to himself. He has constantly violated the Constitution (requiring any emergency powers be ratified by the National Assembly every 60 days) which was written by Chavista icon (deity), Hugo Chavez. With the Anti-Blockade Law he can now violate the Constitution legally, if that makes any sense. The law now says he, more or less, doesn’t have to consult anyone about pretty much anything.

 And one more thing…and it’s something I’ve said often and will continue to say. In order to buy into what this article is selling you have to believe that Nicolas Maduro has the best interest of the Venezuelan people at heart and if he only had some more revenue (the lifting of those “evil sanctions’ that are responsible for all the woes of Venezuela) everything would be OK. Once again I say, nothing could be further from the truth and I prove it here at TFT every day. Oh, and he even got in an “economic engines” reference, in case there was any doubt about where he gets his information (propaganda). What a Kool-Aid drinker!

 And then we have this from…wait for it….Telesur! President Nicolas Maduro denounced a new “wave of terrorist attacks” against oil refining facilities and hydroelectric complexes (Paraguana an El Palito refineries and the Guri hydroelectric complex, twice). He didn’t provide any corroboration but who needs that, right? Everything has to be the fault of terrorists, right-wing paramilitaries, imperialists, oligarchs, etc. (Sound like Joe Biden blaming Vladimir Putin for all the ills afflicting the US ?)

 Knowing that the massive blackouts that occurred in Venezuela in 2019, from which the grid has never recovered, were caused by simple lack of routine maintenance, and exacerbated by the Chavista’s ineptness and ignorance (the huge “brain drain” in the ranks of every thing from PDVSA, government-owned oil company, to the government-provided water and electric power systems) I decided to do a little checking. We here at TFT are big believers in due diligence.

 I scoured the internet for information about what could have happened in these “terrorist attacks”. I managed to learn that the Paraguana fire was caused by a spark from a builder pump. No word yet on the issues regarding El Palito and the Guri complex but we’ll keep looking.

 Then we have The Tribune reporting that a judge in Miami has handed down two light sentences for two Venezuelans, in separate cases, involving bribery of PDVSA and government officials. Former Venezuela Attorney General, Luisa Otrega, is implicated but has not been charged.

 And One Mile At A Time reports that Conviasa (government-owned airline) will begin it’s previously announced flights to Tehran in June. FYI, they also service Moscow and Damascus, Syria. They’re certainly hitting all the tourist “hot spots”. The article asks, “What’s next…Pyongyang?”

 And we have Telesur with this headline, “Telesur Expands It’s Signal With New Satellite Parameters”…They will now have a wider reach in Latin America and the Caribbean and will soon expand to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa…Hooray! Soon everyone will have access to more Chavista propaganda. I know, this is way too much harping on “Chavista propaganda”…but it is what it is.

 Then we have Caracas Chronicles reporting that the Unitary Platform (Venezuela opposition) is rebranding itself. PUEDE is the new, inexact acronym. Omar Barboza, newly appointed head of PUEDE, said they have created six commissions within the platform and started a consultation process on the best way to hold primaries which, as previously reported, haven’t been held by the opposition in over a decade. It’s worth watching how this process proceeds as there is wide speculation that there are some “OPPINOS” (Opposition In Name Only) within the ranks of the opposition.

 And the numbers are in from BCV (Venezuela Central Bank). They have spent $1.7 billion this year on currency intervention. Yes, it’s expensive supporting the bolivar.

 And in a sign things are getting better, VOF (Venezuela Observatory of Finance) reports the basic food basket at just over 117 bolivares. The minimum wage is 130 bolivares per month. I know, it may not seem that great, that someone has to spend almost their entire month’s wages just to put food on the table, but it’s the first time I can remember the monthly minimum wage even coming close to covering the cost of food. However, the VOF numbers for feeding a family of four come in at 469 bolivares so for a single minimum wage you can’t even come close to feeding your family. Still, it’s better than a few years ago when it took 114 monthly minimum wages to feed your family.

 That will do it for the week. We’re taking Monday off to celebrate Memorial Day, one of my favorite holidays. With the powers that be (Joe Biden and his cohorts in the Democratic Party) seemingly intent on eroding our freedom and liberty even further than it already has been, Memorial Day is a good time to reflect (yes, that’s the real reason for Memorial Day) on the many brave Americans that died so we (and the rest of the free world) can live free. Remember them!

 Have a great three day weekend everybody!!!

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