Polly Want A Cracker?

 There certainly seems to be no shortage of gullible people out there these days. How else do you explain everybody rushing to donate to Black Lives Matter without knowing anything about them? When those Marxist grifters who believe in the dissolution of the “western prescribed nuclear family”, and pretty much everything about American society, said “Skepticism and objectivity are white supremacist values” wasn’t that a clue that they didn’t want anyone looking too closely at who they really are?

 Then we have this article in Real News Network titled “An On The Ground View From Venezuela, The Model For True Democracy In The Americas”. This woman, Jacqueline Luqman, is a real drinker of the Chavista Kool-Aid. She loves anything anti-US. She attended the Maduro regime’s first “International Summit Against Fascism” in Caracas in April. As we previously told you, the “Summit” was pure Chavista propaganda.

 The article romanticized the failed coup attempt against Hugo Chavez in 2002 and hit all the recent (and not so recent) Chavista talking points. She said that Chavez is present in the consciousness of the indigenous people. How misleading! Despite all the propaganda put out there by the Maduro regime the indigenous people wish they never heard of Hugo Chavez and Chavismo. The Chavistas are destroying their ancestral lands and killing their people. Is that what she means when she says Chavez is in their consciousness?

 As far as a “model democracy” goes, the government of Venezuela doesn’t even remotely resemble a democracy. It is an authoritarian dictatorship that has completely destroyed a once prosperous nation and forced the migration of over 6 million of it’s citizens, and counting. Anyone doing even the smallest amount of due diligence would know these things…Polly want a cracker?

 In other news (that first one wasn’t really news) we have the Venezuela Interior Minister announcing an operation by PNB (national police) and CICPC (scientific police, whatever that means) conducted an operation against criminal gangs in Caracas that left 3 dead and 30 arrested with 1 injured officer.

 Then we have Avianca (Colombian airline) requesting with the Colombian authorities to re-establish Caracas to Bogota flights. Hmm… does anyone remember Nicolas Maduro vowing that any airline that discontinued service to Venezuela (pre- Covid-19) would not be allowed back in the country?

 And we have the president of the Capital District Nurses Guild telling us that 70% of public service professionals have left due to low wages and migration.

 Oh, and the US Energy Secretary says the US won’t import oil from Iran and Venezuela. You buying it?

 Then we have Caracas Chronicles with an interesting piece detailing the homesickness of a Venezuelan woman that migrated to France. She misses the Venezuelan culture and everything she loved (and there’s a lot to love about Venezuela). What she doesn’t miss is “the crime,corruption, the impunity, the missing people, the 3:00 AM shootings, our hearts beating in our throats every time we hear the engine of a bike approaching slowly, and the intermittent anxiety when you see you don’t have enough food for the week.” I feel for her and all the displaced Venezuelans around the world. Oh, and she likes the buses in France.

 And we have Telesur (government media) telling us that Uruguayans took to the streets to protest the Human Rights violations committed during the right-wing dictatorship of Gregorio Alvarez and asking, “Where are the 197 people missing?” Uhh…OK…this happened from 1981-1985. Where’s Telesur’s coverage of people protesting in Venezuela every day? …right now? Is there any concern for the thousands and thousands of extrajudicial executions by Maduro’s security forces?

 Then we have the Wilson Center informing us that as the Venezuela migrant crisis expands, Chile’s new President, and others in the “southern cone” of South America, are proposing a quota similar to that of the EU, developed to deal with the Syrian migrant crisis. It’s a bit of an “about face” for all these countries that criticized the US for not having open borders until they were overwhelmed by millions of Venezuelans fleeing 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism.

 And we have Amnesty International reminding us that journalist, Carlos Debiais, was detained on November 12, 2021. His fate and whereabouts have been unknown several times during this detention. A release warrant was issued April 12, 2022. He is still arbitrarily detained in Caracas. Prison officials say they can’t release him on orders from the Ministry of Penitentiary Affairs. A I calls for his immediate release.

 And lest we forget about Portugal (wouldn’t want to do that), The Portugal News reports that the number of foreign residents in Madeira is up 20% in the last two years, the majority of which are Venezuelan. As we told you, Venezuelan migrants are everywhere.

 And here’s something I missed. CGTN reports the fuel shortage crisis in Venezuela affects local fishermen. I forgot about those guys…and I shouldn’t have. Chavismo spares no one.

 Then we have World Oil reporting Venezuela creditors (investors?) held a rare meeting in Davos at the World Economic Forum to discuss possible opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Venezuela should sanctions be removed.Venezuela has $60 billion in defaulted debt and restructuring is nowhere in sight. Maybe that’s because the guy Maduro put in charge of restructuring the debt, Tareck El Aissami, is under US sanction due to his drug trafficking and terrorist ties and is prohibited by sanctions from talking to bond holders. If Maduro has replaced him as point man they’re keeping it pretty “hush hush”. Defaulted PDVSA (government-owned oil company) 2024 bonds rose as much as 18% on the news. (FYI, they’re still only at 7 cents on the dollar)

 And Morning Star had this statement from PCV (Venezuela Communist Party) : “…current government …often talks about ‘Bolivarian Socialism’, which is absurd… wages are below extreme poverty levels and our healthcare and economic sectors are destroyed.” They went on to say “It’s unrealistic for us to resume the alliance with PSUV (Chavistas).”

 Then we have Telesur reporting that the Venezuela government has confirmed the return of 264 Venezuelan nationals from Peru. They touted the “Return to the Homeland” plan. So far, 29,073 people have been returned to Venezuela from 21 countries. They didn’t mention that over 6 million have left the “glorious Revolution” of 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism…and counting…

 And we have Oilprice.com with this headline. “Geopolitics Takes A Back Seat As Biden  Drops Sanctions On Venezuela – A Move That Is Driven By A Desire To Reduce Gasoline Prices” In the words of the late, great Stan Lee…’nuff said.

 Oh, and The Peninsula tells us that Venezuela is among 16 countries on Saudi Arabia’s travel ban list due to Covid-19. I guess Chavismo isn’t quite over the hump on the pandemic.

 More tomorrow….

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