Vaccines Everywhere

 We’ll head Down The Rabbit Hole in a few but first… Pretty soon the Chavistas are going to be out of excuses for not having the populace vaccinated.Over recent weeks it seems like hardly a day goes by without a report of vaccines for Covid-19 arriving in Venezuela, two and a half million here, a million there. There seem to be vaccines everywhere…except,that is, at the vaccine centers. Now we have the Sputnik V Twitter account reporting delivery of another 795,000 vaccines in Venezuela. We can only hope that they aren’t being withheld except to paying customers (standard Chavismo practice) as we reported a while ago. There should be no reason to not have their vaccination rate rising rapidly as the population has been reduced to under 28 million due to migration. Remember, the goal is 70% by the end of October (pushed back from September which was pushed back from August). There is one fly in the ointment though. The regime has been touting the Cuban vaccines and some of the deliveries have come from there. Now the Socieda Venezuela de Infectologia reports, as have organizations around the world, that the Cuban Abdala and Soberana II are unsafe.

 Amnesty International reports that the three Fundaredes Human Rights activists, jailed on July 2nd, are still detained and have yet to have a preliminary hearing on the charges of hatred, treason, and terrorism. Is it just me or is every criminal in Venezuela charged with hatred, treason, and terrorism?  I guess it’s just one of those “hate law” kinda deals. Remember that when they try to pass a hate law in the US. A vaguely worded “hate law” means whatever they want it to mean, although that’s perfect for Chavismo… “the law is what we say it is.”

 In a perfect “Big Brother” style announcement, Maduro tells us the Chavistas have a new plan for restaurants called “the green light method”. It’s an App to determine a client’s level of safety and is connected to the “Patria” system, you know, as in the “Carnet de la Patria” (homeland card) which is used as an extortion tool by the Chavistas already. It gives a red,yellow, or green light for entry based on either a vaccine or PCR test which are all supposedly registered. Soon you’ll have to shell out some more “payola” at your favorite restaurant when the App denies you entry.

 Oh, and did you hear about the three people who remain in prison related to the hacking at two airports in Venezuela even though the actual perpetrators have confessed?

 I think it’s time to head Down The Rabbit Hole…

 …I recently discovered a new term while reading an Op Ed by a Venezuelan expat. He was talking about a trend he’s become aware of having heard the same story repeated numerous times by other Venezuelan expats around the world. He calls it “political appropriation.” It’s the tendency by people who identify as “democratic socialists” to dismiss a Venezuelan’s real-life experience with socialism. The idea is that the Venezuelans don’t accurately portray the situation in Venezuela and don’t really understand the reasoning and motives behind socialist policies.Many Venezuelan expats are even dismissed due to the light color of their skin (if their skin is lighter they must be privileged). I feel the Venezuelan’s frustration. I guess it’s easier to be ideologically pure when you aren’t confronted with the consequences up close and personal.

 Just so you know,Pope Francis,the first admittedly socialist Pope, continues to refuse to denounce the regimes of Maduro in Venezuela and Ortega in Nicaragua.

 Illegal trafficking of narcotics,gasoline, food, and minerals produce an estimated $9 billion a year for the Maduro regime. Remember that number the next time you hear there’s no money to buy much needed food and medicine for the Venezuelan people.

 Peru and Venezuela both have populations in the 30 million range and both are South American countries.Peru doesn’t have a whole lot in terms of natural resources while Venezuela is incredibly blessed with natural resources including the world’s largest proven oil reserves. It is almost incomprehensible that there is a huge influx of Venezuelans into Peru. In Venezuela they are starving and dying. In Peru they are thriving and just living their lives. The only real difference is that Venezuela has Chavismo (although now Peru has Castillo,an avowed Marxist so we’ll see). Oh,FYI, Venezuela was the only South American country with a contracting economy in 2019. Argentina and Colombia are a bit bigger population wise, while Chile and Ecuador are a bit smaller. Pretty much, everyone’s doing OK …except Venezuela.

 When Maduro was denied new loans from China and Russia, in his desperation for money, he gave away several billion dollars in debt owed to Venezuela in return for “cash now.” When he heard that Jamaica and the Dominican Republic had money from bond auctions he offered them one dollar of debt forgiveness for every dollar paid to Venezuela if they paid immediately. Chavismo isn’t content with destroying Venezuela today, they will wipe out tomorrow as well.

 Summary : This will be quick. It’s pretty easy to see that 21st Century Bolivarian Socialism spares no one and and nothing. It destroys everything it touches.


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