Extradition Tales

 Before we head Down The Rabbit Hole here’s the latest…We have a new extradition tale to add to the pile although this one is a bit different. The other three (or is it four?) are all Chavistas that have been apprehended abroad,have exhausted all their appeals, and are awaiting extradition to the US where they will more than likely reveal information about all the nefarious activities the Chavistas have been engaged in as part of plea agreements. The latest comes to us from the Independent who report that a Rome court has denied a request by Chavismo to extradite former PDVSA head Rafael Ramirez back to Venezuela to face corruption charges. The Chavistas are now 0-4 in extraditions. Three they tried to block and one they tried to effect…and they say there is no justice.

 Townhall had an article with a bunch of interesting examples of how centrally planned economies don’t work. Venezuela’s disastrous policies have chased so many people out of the country that the Venezuelan diaspora,in 2019, sent $3.7 billion home in remittances, an amount equal to 8% of GDP. They had an economic description of a basic fact that sums it up. Producers produce in order to get what they don’t produce. If a country doesn’t provide an environment in which for them to do this and have a currency to facilitate this the production will occur elsewhere. Sounds like Venezuela to me.

 Speaking of hostile economic conditions,Law360 reports that Venezuela quietly dropped it’s appeal on a $1.2 billion award to Rusoro mining. It is one of many cases against the regime stemming from well over a thousand (1,500?) illegal extraditions currently working their way through the courts. It’s slow going but eventually they have to pay the piper for their illegal seizure of assets.

 And how about this economic jewel. Venezuela Observatory of Finance reports Venezuela now has had 35 straight quarters with decreasing economic activity. That’s almost impossible to do of you were trying.

 In another money matter a court in Madrid  has rejected the Maduro regime’s request to unfreeze 25 million Euros currently held in Spain.

 Then we have Telesur (Venezuela government media) reporting that Argentina’s President says the IMF commits “debticide” citing the $57 billion loaned to Argentina.What is it with these Latin American socialists? Argentina defaulted on it’s government bonds,was bailed out twice by the IMF and is currently immersed in bond default round three. If you don’t want the debt don’t borrow the money although that’s kinda’ crazy as the loans are to cover bond defaults and bonds are really just loans.FYI, Christine Legard while head of the IMF presided over the first two failed bailouts of Argentina and is currently in control of the EU’s purse strings. How does that happen? It’s also worth noting that almost all credible economists agree the any hopes for Venezuela to recover from the mass economic destruction perpetrated by Chavismo will hinge on a massive cash infusion from…where? ….wait for it…the IMF!

 One more thing…Bank of Venezuela is now six days into it’s outage of service. Maduro says “…seeks to block the implementation of the Digital Bolivar.” This guy really needs a tinfoil hat.

 And Down The Rabbit Hole we go….

 …They were very fearful of the power of government having sacrificed so much to win their freedom. It was this fear that caused them to implement all the checks and balances contained in our system and still they knew we had the potential to screw it up. There was one thing that could help defend the people from the unforeseen consequences of actions taken by unknown future leaders, an armed populace.They weren’t worried about someone coming and robbing us in our home. They were worried about the government coming and taking our home away from us! I always fall back on one of my favorite quotes of all time and it’s not from a founding father but it shows a healthy distrust of centralized government when it becomes too strong.”A government big enough and powerful enough to give you everything you want is also big enough and powerful enough to take from you everything you have.”

 One common thread throughout history is there have always been people that manage to get into positions of power that believe two things, the ends justify the means and might makes right. It is not theory, but fact. It’s all around us today. Chairman Mao said it and it’s oh so true…” Government power comes from the barrel of a gun.” When you refuse to do what the government tells you, irregardless of your legal rights, they will send people with guns.What keeps people with guns from doing as they please,wherever they please, to whomever they please? Other people with guns.(and remember, I’m not a gun owner)

 In 2012 Hugo Chavez disarmed the Venezuelan people.At the time a lot of people I spoke with were OK with the idea. I knew a number of Europeans in Venezuela and almost all of them were in favor of it (at the time). They don’t think that now! When it’s suggested “that wouldn’t happen here” or “we wouldn’t do that” be afraid… be very,very afraid. I have to believe that when an FAES death squad goes into the barrio to make an example out of someone that disagrees with the government they might think twice if the people in the neighborhood were armed.Call it common sense, self preservation, or whatever but would you and a few other people with guns go somewhere intent on using them if you knew there were a hundred people waiting for you that would shoot back? Probably not.

 This discussion could go on and on,as it has in the US for decades. People on both sides of the issue have reports and studies supporting their positions. I believe it is a good thing for any populace to have the right to bear arms as a check against uncontrolled government oppression. While I believe my theories and rationalizations supporting my position are sound I can’t say I’m sure my stance is the correct one.There is,however, one thing I can say with absolute certainty. I have spoken with many people in Venezuela and every single one believes that if the Venezuelan people had the right to keep and bear arms Maduro and his thugs would have been gone a long time ago and the Venezuelan people would be rebuilding their country, not fleeing it.

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