In The Beginning

  It’s an abhorrent tragedy no matter how you look at it.Thousands and thousands dead and millions displaced.Generations to come deprived of the future they deserve.This is the legacy of “21st Century Bolivarian Socialism” or “Chavismo”.

The destruction they have wrought is so pervasive it’s difficult to comprehend so my daily posts will follow the “How do you eat an elephant?” method…one bite at a time. So let’s get started.

From chapter 1 of Venezuela : Down The Rabbit Hole

 It was a way too common conversation.As we pulled into the parking lot of the hospital I was taken aback. It was empty!

 “Just pull up over there at the far end past the morgue” directed Duglimar.

 “Where is everybody Dugs (pronounced ‘Doogs’)?”

 “Didn’t you know? The hospital is closed.We’re going to that small building over there for administration.That’s where we get our yellow cards.”

 “I didn’t see anything in the newspaper or on TV.How can that not be news?”

 “The government controls distribution of newsprint so the papers don’t publish anything that’s too negative or they won’t get any paper and you know what the TV coverage is like.”

 “Yeah, self-censorship or you get yanked off the air.”

 Duglimar shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not like it really matters anyway.In Venezuela you go to the hospital to die.”

To be continued……



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